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Judges need information and tools to both guide them in holding perpetrators of domestic violence accountable for their abusive behavior and to ensure that efforts to reach perpetrators do not cause unintended consequences or further harm to victims of domestic violence and their children.

Assessment and Referral

Batterer Intervention Programs
Batterer Intervention Programs (BIP's) are evidence-based programs designed to prevent recidivism and increase victim safety. They are most commonly used in sentencing, but are also ordered by the court in a non-criminal cases. In the context of Community Collaborative Systems, BIP's provide critical information to CCR partners to help assess risk and compliance with court orders.
Assessing the Efficacy of Batterer Intervention Programs

Standards of Practice\Quality Assurance
Opens in new windowChecklist to Promote Perpetrator Accountability in Dependency Cases Involving Domestic Violence

Reporting and information sharing

LGBTQ Sensitive Programs