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"A coordinated community response involves increased information sharing, communication and coordination among criminal justice agencies and community-based social services."

Domestic Violence Courts, Center for Court Innovation

Judicial Notes:

Information sharing in Community Collaborative Response Systems often requires a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to be developed between partner agencies. In therapeutic court models defendants tend to be diverted into a court with a legal carrot, implicitly or explicitly accepting information sharing practices which are not traditionally recognized in general courts. However, in Due Process Non-Ex Parte courts, information sharing may be limited. In general information sharing in a traditional court unconnected with a CCR may only occur at judicial reviews where the court can receive compliance information.

  • The ACF Confidentiality Toolkit - This publication was written in 2014 by the Administration for Children and Families (ACF). It includes sample MOU's, confidentiality agreements, techniques for staff development, model policies, and a variety of legal mechanisms for sharing information. This is a must-read for any judge who is working on information sharing systems in a CCR.
  • Using Data in Multi-Agency Collaborations: Guiding Performance to Ensure Accountability and Improve Programs - This publication was written in 2012, and is one of the best resources for judges on developing a data gathering system for collection information on client populations. multi-agency collaboration system which discusses how to collect data on service populations.
  • Navigating Custody and Visitation in Child Custody Cases Involving Domestic Violence - Designed and developed by NCJFCJ, the Navigating Guide is one of the best comprehensive guides to assessing risk in custody\domestic violence cases. The Guide includes four bench cards and supplementary materials. Judges can receive a free hard-copy of the guide by contacting NCJFCJ.