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Collaborative Community Response (CCR) integrates government, private, and nonprofit organizations in a common goal of effectively responding to domestic violence, teen dating violence, and sexual assault. CCR’s are an important and effective strategy to ensure survivors of violence, their children and other dependents receive the comprehensive support they need in a timely and sensitive manner. While a CCR may have many forms depending on the jurisdiction and needs of the community, it commonly involves participation by the court system, health care providers, law enforcement, legal services, victim advocates, schools, faith communities, cultural groups, and other organizations and stakeholders.

Domestic Violence and Court Community Engagement: Serving Community Needs Through a Coordinated Response

Presenters: Hon. Susan B. Carbon, Concord, NH and Hon. Rosemary Collins, Winnebago County, IL

While the specifics of Coordinated Community Response (CCR) programs vary across communities, the premise is that coordination and integration of criminal justice, human services, and advocacy responses to domestic violence should reduce its occurrence. Community engagement enables all stakeholders to better serve the people with whom they work, and tackling the issue of domestic violence requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Courts have the ability to assist in improving interagency communications.

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